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production Pfeil wood processing

Ensuring industrial large-scale production using state-of-the-art machinery while preserving the virtues and standards of craftsmanship: This is the balancing act that continually has to be re-accomplished.

Ruppel focuses, therefore, on qualified employees, as well as stringent organisation of planning for the production process. This is how high quality and adherence to schedules are ensured with the greatest possible level of flexibility.

Whether it concerns chipboard or solid wood processing, the use of laminate or paint: Ruppel possesses the necessary know-how and the relevant production equipment to keep manufacturing costs low with the highest possible level of efficiency.

Transparent processes are an indispensable component of our concept. We use a management tool to monitor certified preliminary suppliers and obtain information about the production status, warehouse movements and stocks. This is how we can guarantee our customers maximum supply availability at all times.

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